Untitled (Wet Play), 2019,
digital solvent prints,


On, 2019
acrylic on canvas,


Untitled VIII (This is not Europe), 2017,
digital projection,
dimensions variable


Him, 2019
c-type print under sandblasted glass,


Them, 2019,
c-type print under sandblasted glass,


Cut IV, 2017,
collage on aluminium,


Untitled (KRF), 2014,
charcoal on paper,
84x59cm (each).


Kellie, 2016,
593 glossy photographs received,
6×4 (dimensions variable)


House, 2017,
iPad drawing,
dimensions variable


Cutouts, 2013,
digital print on aluminium foam board with Adam Smith ties,
dimensions variable


Royal Academy Schools exhibition 2013
installation view.
Works included: Cutouts, Magmaster21, Wet T-shirt, The Failed Prophet


Wet T-Shirt, 2012,
t-shirts, buckets and water,
dimensions variable


The Failed Prophet, 2012,
video on mobile media device,
2.45min loop


Royal Academy of Arts Premiums, 2012,
Work included from left to right: Sheffield 92 (2012), video on Sony cube, looped; Eight (2012), digital prints and masking tape, dimensions variable; HNY, 2012, video on monitor, 5:10; All Hopes Removed (2012), audio on BoomBlaster, 9;21 looped; Chuck Prince ‘We’re still dancing’, in gold (2012) laser jet prints and chrome gold spray paint, dimensions variable.


HNY, 2012,
video on TV monitor,


All Hopes Removed, 2012,
audio on BoomBlaster,
9;21 looped


I Love NY, 2011,
c-type and vinyl sticker


Fraction, 2011,
Ply and duct tape
200 x 200 x 50cm Icon, 2011,
spray paint on paper,


Untitled (Hanging From A Rear View Mirror), 2010,
white household paint,
dimensions variable
Slade Degree Show 2010


Untitled (Space…), 2010,
Video Installation,
Slade Degree Show 2010